• FREE from Preservatives
  • VIRGIN Quality along with FIRST PRESS
  • Cruelty free. Vegan oil


Brimming with the unique benefits of avocado, CARNATION’s Organic Avocado Carrier Oil is extracted by cold-pressing the best organic avocados. Approx 10 Avocado fruits yield 1 spoon of the wealthy nourishing oil which absorbs immediately in skin. It contains natural extracts of Sterolin, proteins, and essential vitamins that replenish dry skin and protect it from ultraviolet (UV) rays. Nourishes skin and gives it natural radiant.


  • Rich in Oleic Acid, a Very Healthy Fat
  • Reduces Cholesterol and Improves Heart Health
  • High in Lutein, an Antioxidant, Benefits for The Eyes
  • Enhances the Absorption of Important Nutrients
  • May Reduce Symptoms of Arthritis
  • May Help Prevent Gum Disease
  • Detox Your Body
  • Treats Skin Damage and Irritations
  • Fights Wrinkles
  • Stimulates Weight Loss


CARNATION’s Avocado Carrier Oil is a brilliant carrier oil. Massage into your skin directly or mix with your favorite essential oils.


Increase skin’s capacity to produce new skin cells and fortifies existing cells through its nutrients like Lecithin, Vitamin-E and

Place below 30°C and dry atmosphere away from direct sunlight.

  • Stop using in case of irritation
  • Not recommended for people allergic to nuts.
  • Perform patch test on inner side of elbow and leave for half hour before the first use.
  • For external use only.Keep away from eyes. If eye contact occurs, wash with clean water.
  • Keep out of reach of children.